Kid's Cook Along

Join a leading children's chef on Star Events Online every other Saturday for

our Kid's Cook Alongs making extremely yummy, healthy food alongside some guidance on child nutrition for parents or care givers.

About Kid's Cook Along Events

Star Events Online's Kid's Cook Alongs are held every other Saturday at 16:00 by a leading children's chef to cook amazing, healthy food.  

During the event there are several break out rooms for parents or care givers who need advice and guidance on healthy eating for their children or if there are particular habits children have fallen into ways and methods in which to work around these.

Join us today on a journey of scrumptious healthy eating.

With a focus on entertainment for young people who are socially isolated, Star Events Online is proud to be partnering with the Autistic Society, the Autism Birthday Stars Club,  and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust to bring entertainment and laughter to young people who truly need it alongside sending a birthday card out to young people who may not have been given one alongside a special birthday message during the event. If it is your little ones birthday please let us know and we'll be sure to celebrate it with them.


Meet the stars in your own home from theirs with Star Events Online in a range of different events including, comedy, cook alongs, children's events, health, live music, art classes, games, and chat.

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