Find Joy In Family

Joy makes life amazing and even though we have been at home with family for a year now, it doesn’t mean that spending time together can’t be joyful. Obviously, there are difficult things all families have to deal with, but there are always steps to making that time with each other even better. Tired kids and stepping on Lego aside, family time truly compares to nothing else.

Start With You

When you see a happy person, you are instinctively drawn to their positive attitude and energy, this is exactly how your family will react when they see you this way too. You will never be able to appreciate other’s joy if you can’t find your own. As with most things in life, it starts from within and people around will begin to find their happiness, once they see you find yours.


Everything nowadays has an expectation around it and this is none truer than with a family. We all think that our family lives are ‘supposed’ to be a certain way because of what we see on TV, or from neighbours and friends. LET THAT GO! I cannot stress enough how negative and tiring comparing yourself to others is. No one can do things the exact same way as someone else and that is ok.

What Does Joy Mean To You?

We all know what the basic meaning of joy is, but I refuse to believe there is only one definition for a word. What does joy mean to you? Does it mean bringing happiness to others, or feeling fulfilled with a project you’ve been working on? Once you figure out your language of happiness, bringing it into your everyday life will not only enrich yours, but also your families.

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