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Dear Parents, Hi! How are you all doing? I hope that everyone is enjoying their Saturday. Today I share with you a thoughtful, reflective self-awareness and growth in self-post. First, I want to share with you the amazing view that I have the opportunity to explore and being part of, right here at the moment—a view on the top of Arabia Mountain.

During my morning walk, I being to reflect on my parenting approach. Mostly overall, I as a person as a parent. So, the topic of today is Reflection. I have a couple of questions for all you lovely parents out there. Parents can be co-parenting, partnering with other parents, such as being a teacher or family member or friend. What has parenting taught you? What has been involved in parenting has taught you? How do you view yourself as a person being a parent? I ask these questions to encourage reflection on your experiences, success, ups, downs, and breakthroughs.

For myself, parenting has helped me recognize what I can and can not do, but mostly what I can do. I discovered that multitasking is a gift. Juggling recurring life events such as work, school, chores, children, extra curriculum activities, and so on has made it very clear that I am more vital than I thought I was and the importance of celebrating myself. But mostly, it's okay to let it out and cry. Boy, oh boy, I find myself crying when I'm facing a challenge or after I have conquered the storm. Lol! (Sometimes children can cause a storm, joking, but not joking.) Crying helps release all the frustration, rewarding of happiness, and most of all, feel very GOOOOOOD. After reflecting on the Good, Bad and Ugly, remember what YOU have done to overcome those challenging moments with parenting or just live—these challenging moments and how YOU overcome them to reflect your growth, perseverance, and self-enhancement. And to believe it or not, your little one, big ones, are watching how you handle those memorable moments. Yes, those are memorable moments because those very moments shape your little one’s mind and teach them how they react, resolve or overcome challenging moments, such as yourself.

I encourage you to celebrate yourself! Celebrate, no matter how big or small. An don't be so hard on yourself. You are doing great because YOU ARE DOING IT!!

You're terrific parents, both Fathers, Mothers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Friends, and Families. You're doing a fantastic job!

Remember, you're still learning, growing, and together, we will succeed. Love you dearly, and have a super fantastic day! Until next time!!🥰

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