Seasonal State of Mind

It can sometimes feel like it is compulsory to love the summer, however this is not

always the case. Winter may be considered the saddest of seasons but why should it

be? With spring just around the corner, it got me thinking, does our state of mind

change as a new season approaches? There are many pros and cons when entering

each season, but why do we think this way, and how can we improve the way we

interpret these thoughts?


Ah summer, the season we all wait for has arrived! We finally remember what that

sweet sunshine looks like and the beach is calling our name. However, for some

people, all they can think about is how overwhelming summer can be. SAD (Seasonal

Affective Disorder) can occur at any time of the year and those who experience it in

summer can sometimes be forgotten, I mean who doesn’t love summer?

Nonetheless, the stickiness and constant clubbing isn’t what some people want from

a fun time. Make use of the heat however you want to, there are no rules.


Next comes the season that brings us falling leaves and Halloween, autumn! Eating

weekly roasts and staying in during the colder nights is now deemed more

acceptable and the cosiness can begin, but the days are now getting darker and the

restricted hours of sunlight can commonly cause the sadness that many people feel

with winter. You wouldn’t let someone tell you how you should feel, so don’t let the

seasons do the same, start an autumn time hobby to make that time easier.


We all know the reasons why winter sadness occurs. Cold weather, always carrying

an extra jacket and scraping the ice off cars are now everyday tasks. However, to this

I say turn it around! Why should the cold weather be a bad thing? There’s a kind of

beauty to the coldness, let’s not forget about how wonderful it is when it snows. This

is the time when most people suffer, but you can’t escape the winter, so turn it into

something excitable.


Now for the season just around the corner, spring! The weather is already getting

warmer and going out for our daily walks has suddenly become a whole lot easier.

This year, spring has become the destination after a tumultuous journey and there

aren’t many cons to discuss. To end this article, the main thing to take away from all

of this is to be proud. During one of the toughest years that we have faced, we have

gotten through it and are now at the other side.

By Pia Talbot

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