Therapy in lockdown

The world is crazy right now, we’re living through a pandemic and not only that, but we are experiencing a mental health crisis too. Suicide rates are higher than ever before and people who have never experienced anxiety before are starting to be taken down by it. Therapy is something which can really benefit those with anxiety disorders, whether this is talking therapy or CBT, but with the coronavirus pandemic taking over, face to face therapy has become impossible. So with therapy moving online, the question is, is it the same?

Should I be put off by online therapy?

In my opinion...absolutely NOT...and here's why -

1). It's more private and easy to open up- In a way I actually think it's easier to open up. You can have therapy off camera, in fact, no one even has to know what you look like. If you're in pajamas, no one knows, and if you feel like crying or taking a break...you absolutely can. I think it's a lot easier to talk about difficult things when you're not sat in front of a therapist face to face.

2). No travel time- One extremely practical thing is how flexible it is. You can fit it into work and save both time and money by not travelling. So there's no more excuses!

3). You're in the comfort of your own home- Therapy can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining and when things are tough, we often need our home comforts...whether that's a cup of tea, our own box of tissues or a fluffy blanket. Being at home means you can be as comfortable as possible.

4). We have more time than normal to relax- As I say, therapy can be pretty draining and it's a more important time than ever to look after your wellbeing. With everything being shut, it's the perfect time for you to really look after yourself over the course of your therapy. Have time on a weekend to relax, switch off and look after yourself.

5). No one even has to know- As much as it's good to be open, therapy can be something we often want to keep private, and with therapy being online, this is even easier. You don't have to explain where you're going and you don't need to explain to your boss what appointment you have. This journey is yours and you don't have to explain yourself to anyone.

6). It's easy to leave at any point- Sometimes things can get too much and the therapy session is not how you planned it. So you may want to leave. Being online makes this a less awkward and much easier experience. We can just leave a chatroom, or end a call appropriately. The therapist will understand and you both haven't wasted any travel time.

I hope this article helps any of you who are doubting therapy in lockdown. Please understand that if you are really struggling, it's okay to get help. All my experiences with therapy have been positive....no horror stories from me. So please, don't hesitate and I hope this gives you an insight into the surprising benefits of online therapy....this may have been the push you need! Thanks for reading guys!

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