"Why should I talk to you?"

Hey all, today I'd like to talk to you all about talking. In today's society, we are encouraged to talk about how we feel, to open up about our mental health and to admit when we are struggling...but for those who find this difficult, why should you open up?

Here's my reasons for you-

1). A problem shared is a problem halved- It's true. Talking therapy has been around for years and shows massive benefits for releasing trauma and anxiety. Our brain protects us by storing upsetting memories away in a draw, some of these things we can't get access to ourselves. By talking, we are slowly opening up the draw and opening files one by one. Talking = release, you owe this to yourself. You'll also find that when you open up to a loved one or a friend, they'll say "me too". It's easier to get through a problem together than fighting all alone.

2). No one is going to judge you- and if they do...that's to do with them and not you. According to statistics (MHFA England, 2020), 1 in 4 people will suffer with a mental health issue every year (personally I think it's even more than that)….. so this means, people will understand. Anxiety itself is a part of our human nature, so the chances are, whoever you speak to will have been through it too. You'd be surprised how many people actually want to help you, don't be afraid of judgement...ever, mental disorders are a strength, not a weakness.

3). It's one step closer to being recovered (whatever recovery is to you)- As cliché as it sounds...talking does save lives. I've had moments in my life where everything just seems too much and it feels as if I can't go on, but talking to someone has really offered me clarity. Talking to someone else helps to ease the pain a little more, and eventually the sun starts to peak through, and the rain starts to pass. That individual doesn't have to be a therapist, just a parent, a friend or a partner. I'm sure that to anyone else who has been in a dark place, there is a mantra or a piece of advice that somebody told you, that stuck. Listen to the kind words that people have to say about you, and remember that you are strong enough to fight this. Opening up is the first step to getting the right professional help that you may need.

4). Talking makes it clearer in your own mind- Sometimes my thoughts are everywhere and I cannot make sense of them, but talking can help to make sense of what's going on and can help to organize these thoughts. We don't always notice things until they are spoken out loud. This is one of the main reasons that I write, it really helps me to make sense of my own thoughts and feelings.

5). By speaking to someone, you have someone on board- You have someone who is looking out for you. Quite often with mental health we can become great liars, we might pretend we've eaten when we haven't and like to smile and tell everyone we're okay when really, we are not. By telling the truth to just one person, you have someone keeping an eye on you, making sure you've eaten today and making sure the smile is a real one. Without admitting things are fake, you won't get the help you need.

6). Help someone else by breaking the stigma- We are all trying to navigate our way through this crazy life and we all need to support each other. When you open up, your story becomes someone else's life line. Speak up and show the world....it's okay not to be okay. Be a survivor and tell your story.

To anyone who is questioning whether to speak up or not, please do. Don't be afraid, it is completely normal to struggle sometimes and you owe it to yourself to get some help or advice. Talk to a loved one and they will understand. Never forget that you matter. Thanks so much for reading guys, have an amazing week!

Article by Louise Oak


MHFA England (2020), Mental health statistics, https://mhfaengland.org/mhfa-centre/research-and-evaluation/mental-health-statistics/

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